A family story

Slow hideaway

Once upon a time, only local farmers lived here – our home had already been built by then. Over time, it has grown to welcome the growing numbers of tourists. Fast-forward to today, and the home boasts luxury apartments, designed with care and sobriety right opposite Presule’s breathtaking castle.
Sylvia poured her heart and soul into it, while Meinhard rolled up his sleeves and shaped it into perfection. Heart and craft, coming together to create hideaways which are all about sublime hospitality. Our hotel is steeped in history – completely renovated and developed to fully express its past in the best way possible: through hospitality. Come, and enjoy the picturesque village of Presule and its homes, the nearby, traditional mountain huts, San Nicolò church with its semi-circular Romanesque apse, the ancient castle, the Renon mountains, the lush meadows, and the Sciliar massif. Take a breath of crisp, mountain air, and feel what a difference it makes. 


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