Wine cellar Fumoir

Our wine cellar was once Grandpa Sepp's slaughterhouse. The trained butcher slaughtered the pigs from the nearby farmer and smoked them for the villagers in the smoking chamber. Even today, you can practically taste the scent there. Meinhard's late father also enjoyed being a guest in the cellar back then! Grandma Maria, an innkeeper with heart and soul, always took great joy in providing a good glass of wine and plenty of bacon! We have dedicated this cellar to our ancestors and breathed new life into it. We look forward to sharing personal moments with our guests. A large table invites you to sit together, addressing each other informally ("Du"), and placing people at the center, away from everyday stress, is our goal in this special atmosphere!
Upon request, we are happy to open the Fumoir cellar for our house guests, whether for a small aperitif or a wine tasting with Sylvia.


© 2024 Presulis LodgesExternal guests also have the option to pre-book the cellar on request – be it for a cozy Christmas celebration, a convivial Törgelleabend, or an exclusive birthday party. We look forward to a cozy get-together and getting to know you!